It’s vital to understand the people – the stakeholders who are affected by a problem or have the keys to a solution.


Mapping the life-cycle of data helps one understand how to use it effectively and how to avoid risks.


Each partner will bring their own strengths to the project. A smart and connected community works toward developing and connecting those strengths.


Your people, data, and partnerships all collectively define the success of your project. Do the right stakeholders have access to the data they need?

Our Partners

Georgia Smart is organized by the Georgia Institute of Technology in partnership with Georgia Power, Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC), Association County Commissioners of Georgia, Georgia Centers for Innovation, Georgia Chamber, Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Georgia Municipal Association, Metro Atlanta Chamber, and Technology Association of Georgia, Georgia Planning Association, and the Global City Teams Challenge.

Field Book

The Georgia Smart Communities Challenge Field Book provides more detail on our community partner programs and a step-by-step guide for how you can create smart solutions for your city.