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Identify Your Stakeholders

Identifying your stakeholders is the first step to a successful community engagement process. Stakeholders might be key community leaders or organizations you need to develop relationships with over the course of the project.

Key Strategies

To overcome the barriers to participation, you need a strategy. The strategies you choose will have direct impact on the kind of engagement you’ll receive from stakeholders. They will also set expectations about the longer-term goals of your project.

Barriers to Success

Community engagement can be difficult because there are a number of barriers that prevent stakeholders from participating. Barriers to participation can be as simple as not having enough time to attend meetings, expertise to make use of data, or trust in the institutions that make decisions. Identify the common barriers you’ve encountered when doing community engagement. These barriers might affect your stakeholders or they may affect you.

Field Book

The Georgia Smart Communities Challenge Field Book provides more detail on our community partner programs and a step-by-step guide for how you can create smart solutions for city.